Performer Highlight: Ariellah

  • Ariellah, Featured Performer, Friday night

We are very honored to have the amazing Ariellah back for another performance at the Tribal Fest AfterParty. It is a rather rare opportunity to catch her in town these days, so we are fortunate to have her back. Many of you remember the first Tribal Fest AfterParty in 2007, when we had Ariellah, Unmata and Sabrina Fox headlining the show that started it all – the one at Oddfellows Hall (This pic below was taken at that show by Brad Dosland).


Since then, she has either been out of town or teaching and performing on the Tribal Fest stage (One thing that makes the AfterParty unique is that we do not book the same acts performing at Tribal Fest). She graced our stage at the Hopmonk again in 2011, and will be back this year for an Exclusive performance at the AfterParty, opening the performance section of the night with a very special guest joining her.

Once you enter the Abbey (following the Fire Show, performances and Live Music by Helm outside) you will be greeted by the humble greatness that is Ariellah – and will probably be blown away. I can’t think of a better way to bring ‘Halfway to Halloween’ into the night.

By solunamar

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