Performer Highlight: Emily Alrick

My first introduction to Emily was in Ashland, when we did a show together. The introduction was coordinated by my friends Jeffe & Layla from Eugene. Emily hosted us in Ashland, and performed at the show with her troupe, Circus Tribal.

I was obviously impressed because I quickly invited her to perform at the Tribal Fest afterparty in its early years. If my memory serves me right, it was 2008 when she joined the cast and immediately became one of our resident performers. What I mean by ‘resident’ is that, while we bring in different performers each year, we have a small crew of regulars who join us when they are able to make it to Tribal Fest. She hasn’t been able to join us every year, but she has been there consistently as a soloist or with her troupe, Circus Tribal.

This year, she will be joining me in an improv set as part of the Electric Vardo Live piece, along with Michaella Manning and singer Daniella White. I am really looking forward to having Emily in my set, and mixing the music live – on the fly – for a truly interactive improv performance by both DJ and Dancer.

By solunamar

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