Performer Highlight: Gibson Pearl

I have known Gibson Pearl and admired her dancing since my first introduction to the Tribal Belly Dance scene in 2004. She always stood out to me, even back in the Ultra Gypsy days when we were doing shows together at El Rio in SF before Electric Vardo sprouted.

Many of you may not know this, but she was an integral member of the Electric Vardo crew from its very beginnings. Her, Jill Parker and Rose Harden produced the first Electric Vardo shows with DJ Sep and I.

She has been part of the AfterParties since the beginning of time (ok, well, 2007, when it all started :). When I started planning the first Tribal Fest AfterParty, she was on top of my list of performers to bring in, and has been a part of the resident headlining crew since then.

The only year she missed was shortly after her baby was born in 2012. In 2011, though, she was there with baby in belly and rocked the stage with one of her most stellar performances (painting below by Calvin Lai, from original photo by Brad Dosland, taken during her duet piece with Mareeshka at the 2011 AfterParty).

We are so happy to have her back this year for another Exclusive AfterParty performance on Saturday night at the Hopmonk.



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