More photos, slideshows and video links to afterparties over the years will be posted here, once we get a chance to gather them all. In the meantime, you can find some photos on the facebook page and take a peek at some of these videos we found online -some taken and posted by people in the audience, some by our videographers, some by us.

Michelle Sorensen – Featured 2-night performer at 2013 AfterParty – Friday night Solo.
Video by Kazoo Productions.

Elizabeth Strong with Zoe Jakes duet with Dan Cantrell and friends featuring Faisal, Susu, Meredith Yayanos. Tribal Fest 10 AfterParty

Suhaila Dance Company 2013 AfterParty Friday Night.

A little backstage drunk love from Karolina Lux, Nagasita and Luther -aka- The Mata Hari Hustle – 2-night Special Feature Act 2012.

Exotika from Barcelona and Sevilla, Spain. Exclusive Featured AfterParty act, 2012.

Video Montage from 2012 featuring Olivia Kissel’s late night performance closing out the bar at 2am – Pixie Fordtears, Calamity Sam, Martina, Edenia performing improv during Dulce Vita’s DJ set – THe Mata Hari Hustle – Exotika’s encore improv with DJ Amar & Pete List beatboxing live.

Verbatim 2012 AfterParty Exclusive.

Laura and Amina’s first performance as the Little Beasties, 2013

Za’Nyah & Jeanne’s rockin duet (Cairo Fusion, Boise) 2012

Exclusive AfterParty performance by Serta 2012

Pixie, Martina and Calamity Sam late night improv. with Dulce Vita 2012

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