Dangerous Beauties: “That 60s/70s Show” – Performance Highlight – Friday Night

Dangerous Beauties will be bringing “That 60s/70s Show” to the Tribal Fest AfterParty on Friday night for a Kick Ass 30 minute set featuring SURREYYA HADA, NYLA CRYSTAL, SABRINA and TERRY + possible Surprise Appearances.



Dangerous Beauties Belly Dance

Femme Fatale: a seductive woman who lures men into dangerous or compromising situations

Embodying the characters of real world femme fatales, this living history belly dance performance tells the unique story of the world’s most powerful women, often too enchanting to be understood and too wild to be bound by love, social hierarchies and rules.

An all-star cast of award-winning international belly dance performers resurrect the nuances of the art of seduction and honor the power of femininity while capturing the essence of historical costuming and dance forms as they define each woman. Mata Hari, Cleopatra, Salome, Sirens, Elizabeth Bathory, Lillith and others leap of the pages of history books, paintings, and tin types and reach into your heart.

About The Beauties (the full crew)

Surreyya Hada

Director of the acclaimed Dangerous Beauties dance troupe and Co-director of Troupe Scimitar Surreyya is a highly sought after performer…
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Rose Harden

Rose Harden, multi-talented artist and Tribal Fusion belly dancer, has been a passionate member of the vibrant San Francisco performance…
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Princess Farhana

Internationally acclaimed dance star Princess Farhana has performed, taught, researched and written about belly dance since 1990. She has appeared…
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Sabrina is a champion bellydancer with seven international titles to her credit. She is one of the only bellydancers in…
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Dr. Nyla Crystal

Nyla Crystal is a belly dancing Ph.D. biochemist. She published her dissertation work on estrogen receptor positive breast cancer. Having…
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Jodi Waseca

Jodi is an award winning and highly sought after performer and instructor in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has…
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Dusty Paik

Dusty Paik is a costumer and lifelong dancer hailing from the wilds of Los Angeles. She’s been a painter, a…
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Terry has entertained foreign dignitaries, prestigious business leaders, and TV and sports celebrities. Memorable performances include dancing for industry greats…
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Jennifer Faust

True dancers are born, not made, and Jennifer Faust is no exception to the rule. At the age of four,…
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Talia Soleil began her dance and choreographic career in her home garage in Sunnyvale (Sunnyvale’s garages are notorious for creativity)…
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Photographer Maharet Hughes creates enduring images that are so stunning they stick in the viewer’s mind like the fondest of…
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Elizabeth Strong

Elizabeth Strong is a life-long dancer, raised in the folk communities of California, where she was exposed to music and…
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