Two years ago, we introduced a new element to the outdoor area, featuring improv. dance performances and even the fire show set to live acoustic music. That first year of acoustic performances featured HELM and DAN CANTRELL with SOOOZHYQ & ELIZABETH STRONG – last year we continued the fun with BEATBOX GUITAR and HELM. We will be bringing back the Beer Garden show again this year with PETE LIST, together with JEREMIAH SOTO of SOLACE, and the QABILA Drum Corps.

Improvisational Dance Performances! Improv. Fire Show (NOTE: Due to a county-wide ban on fire performance, the “fire” show will be modified to an LED Flow Light Show) set to Live Music!

SATURDAY 9:30-11-ish pm

Acoustic Live Lounge improv FIRE (LED FLOW) SHOW and performances with music by PETE LIST of BEATBOX GUITAR with JEREMIAH SOTO of SOLACE. The QABILA DRUM CORP will bring you the Welcome Show with Live music and performances. MANDALA DANCE WORKS will be spinning and swaying with all of their custom props made especially for the fire show (Modified to LED Flow / Glow Arts due to recent county regulations prohibiting fire), and we’ll be bringing it inside to the Abbey with VERBATIM (Smoke’n’Swords) joining Amar & musicians!

And, as usual, quite possibly some surprise guests in the mix.





Live Lounge + The ‘UnFire’ show (Glow Arts / LED Flow + Smoke’n’Swords)

By solunamar

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