Tonight’s AfterParty Schedule – Tickets at the door

Folks, the Big night is here. Following The FatchanceBellyDance Experience and UNMATA‘s Finale at Tribal Fest, Y’all are gonna head over to the Hopmonk Tavern for DJ Amar’s Electric Vardo show – Celebrating 10 Years of Electric Vardo AND 20 years of Solace Album Release Party.

Ticket notes below (for those who have purchased tickets online).
DOORS 9pm. Music starts at 9:30 in the Beer garden, Bar open with downtempo beats inside.
Kitchen is open till Midnight. Entrance is through the Beer Garden around the corner from the main entrance to the restaurant.


Beer Garden: Acoustic Live Lounge 9:30-10:15 Qabila Foundation: Qabila Drum Corps., Qabila Folkdance Co.
10:15-10:30 Pete List – Beatbox Baaja
10:30-10:50 Mandala Danceworks with Pete List & Jeremiah Soto
Move inside for 11pm kickoff in the Abbey
In the ABBEY
9pm-11pm Bar Open Downtempo DJ mixes, DJ Amar
11:00-11:08 Solunamar Album Preview Verbatim performing to DJ Amar’s new track Smoke’n’Swords
11:11-11:55 The Ruin of Ghosts Album Release Set Performances. Introductions by Jeremiah Soto 1. Samantha Riggs
2. Michaella Manning + Susan Frankovich
3. Jaydee Amrita Copperfiled
4. Tribal Tiger Lily
5. Violet Scrap
6. Omi Mahina
7. Irina
8. Ela Rogers
11:55-12:00 Pee Break Get a drink, stretch, dance 🙂
12:00-12:15 The Decadent Eccentric Luciterra with Chris Murdoch
12:15-12:45 DJ Amar Dancefloor DJ Set
12:45 Electric Vardo Live Kaeshi Chai & Sabrina Fox Improv with Amar & …
1:00 Serena Spears & Ebony Qualls Duet
1:05 The Samwich
1:15 Leon Mancilla AKA Vyper Synville
1:25-1:45 DJ Amar Dancefloor DJ set
1:45 Goodnight











NOTE: If you purchased Advance Tickets, your name will be at the door. Early orders should have receive a confirmation from Eventbrite after the original confirmation. Please be ready to show your confirmation on a phone or tablet, or printed, just in case. All should be good, but in the age of computers, things happen. So please be prepared. ALSO, BRING your ID. The club is 21+, so IDs will be checked. It will also help with the line.

Tickets are available at the door for $30. COME EARLY TO GET A GOOD SPOT. IT Will be Crowded.

Looking forward to seeing you all.

– Amar & the crew.

By solunamar

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