Performer Feature: Qabila Foundation



Qabila Foundation is made up of Qabila Folkance Company, and Qabila Drum Corps- they are ringing in the Afterparty for this year. With a full experience of percussion and dance- you won’t want to miss these amazing folk performers. Qabila takes it back to our dance roots, and puts on a show to please!

The Qabila Folkdance Company was created in the fall of 2011 under the direction of Aubre Hill. Dedicated to sharing the joy of Arabic folkdance, Qabila performs at a variety of festivals, theatres, and events as well as teaches workshops, lectures, and classes for schools and other organizations. Qabila is currently under the process of becoming one of the few non-profit Arabic folk dance companies on the planet! Current dancers are Alia Saeed, Belen Garibaldi, Diana Perez, Daniel Esteban, IrinaXara, Jenn Aguilar, May Fearnley, Melissa Sanchez, Mi-Ri Yvonne, Rita Blaik, Shana Meurs, Shanti Jourdan, and Stefanie Bernhard. The Qabila Drum Corp is lead by Donavon Lerman joined by Lynn Davis and Ed Lee. The website is coming soon! Also subscribe to our youtube channel for the latest

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Music Feature: Pete List


We are SO excited to have Pete List back to the Tribal Fest Afterparty- this time, he’s flying solo to bring us the awesome BEATBOX rhythms we love so much. You can see Pete this year in the Beer Garden, and tearing it up in the Abbey.

Pete List (New York City) is well-known in the world of tribal bellydance as a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and human beatboxer. Pete has performed for years as an integral part of the bands Djinn & Beatbox Guitar. Recently as a soloist, Pete mixes the exotic sounds of the Indian instrument the shahi baaja, with the urban sounds of human beatbox, creating layers of live loops to build textures and create songs with the sound and power of a full band. Pete has produced multiple DVD soundtracks, and seven albums and his music has been featured in film and primetime television.

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Music Feature: Electric Vardo Live


10 years of Electric Vardo! We are extremely excited to share some of our celebrating with you!

With DJ AMAR behind the decks, you can’t go wrong for our open dancefloor- and watch out for some special SURPRISE performances later in the night! And just to whet your appetite, we have some guests….that AREN’T a surprise. Amar will be joined by Kaeshi Chai, Serena Spears & Ebony Quails, Sabrina Fox and Leon Mancilla!!!


Amar is amongst a handful of local DJs whose taste
cuts a path through an abundance of musical selections
and leads dancefloors into a hypnotic sway like snakes
before the charmer. In this instance the muse is a
masala that brews sounds from the Middle East and
Balkans with rhythms of the Asian underground and
electric Brazilian vibes. Whether its breaks, bhangra,
house, drum & bass or downtempo the global nature
of Amar’s sets bridges a multi-culti span from
the world to the Bay Area.


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Music Feature: Solace



Come and join us as we celebrate Solace’s new Album,

The Ruin Of Ghosts

Live set by Jeremiah Soto of Solace in the Beer Garden, and in the Abbey hear the new sounds from The Ruin of Ghosts with special guest dance performances by: Irina Akulenko, Tigerlily, Michaella Manning, Ela Rogers, Omi Mahina, Samantha Riggs, and Jaydee Amrita Copperfield


To prevent pigeonholing and defy typical genre labeling, Jeremiah M. Soto calls his musical endeavors Solace. Formed in 1994 in Redlands California, Jeremiah embarked on a quest to discover his fascination with Arabic rhythms and arrangements. But, to truly understand where and how this came about, we must start at the beginning.

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Tribal Fest® registration opens Nov. 9.

TheTribal Fest® website is now up for viewing workshop schedules and descriptions. AfterParty tickets are now on PreSale, officially going on sale alongside Tribal Fest registration launch.tf15-ad-amar

* Click on the image ABOVE for TRIBAL FEST info. * Click on the image BELOW for AfterParty Ticket info. *


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Fire Show – Both Nights with Live Music

Friday night’s Fire Show will be led by the live music of Pete List and Rob Mastriani as Beatbox Guitar. Music will start at the Beer Garden stage at 10PM. Performances will begin shortly after with a BUUGENG performance by DANSE CAROUSELLE and a special piece by BELLADONNA + TERI KNOX.  The Fire Show will follow at 10:30 with BRAMANI, JENNIFER KNOTT and MANDALA DANCEWORKS.

The bar in the Abbey will be open with a dancefloor for those who wish to go straight to it, and get down with Lady Ra warming up the dancefloor. Following the fire show, performances in the Abbey will begin at 11pm.

Saturday night’s Fire Show will be led by the live music of Helm. Music will start at the Beer Garden Stage at 10PM. The Fire Show will begin at 10:30 with Sebastopol locals FIRE & ISIS DANCE COLLECTIVE and Atash Maya’s SABRINA FOX from San Diego, CA.

The bar in the Abbey will be open with a dancefloor for those who wish to go straight to it, and get down with DJ Psychotropic warming up the dancefloor. Following the fire show, performances in the Abbey will begin at 11pm.


Sabrina Fox has been a dedicated student of dance since she was a little girl, spending much of her childhood backstage with her mother and father who were both dancers with the Paris Lido show in France. Since beginning her training in 1981, she has studied in various styles such as Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, West African, Modern, American Tribal Style Bellydance, and Tribal Fusion Bellydance.She created and directs Atash Maya Tribal fusion belly dance co. founded in 2003.

Sabrina is one of the Bellydance Superstars (BDSS), a professional American bellydance troupe formed in 2002 by producer and manager Miles Copeland. The troupe tours extensively in North America, Europe, and Asia. Currently, between tours and workshops abroad, Sabrina teaches weekly dance and yoga classes in the San Diego area.


Fire & Isis Dance Collective, founded by Luna Moon in 2004, is a Northern California based dance company that incorporates various talented artists & performers. The intention is to provide unique, eclectic and abstract styles of performance art through Global Fusion Dance.Cassandra a.k.a Ms. Sweet*Beat*Petite is a multi-talented performance artist. When she’s not lighting up the mic with motivational public speaking, beat poetry, or sultry jazz stylings, she’s likely training, costuming or working on her honorary doctorate.

When Avery Lamar isn’t teaching belly dance fusion at Move 2 Change studio in Sebastopol, she is performing as a soloist or part of an ensemble at a variety of music festivals and events throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.


Mandala Danceworks is the result of collaborative efforts between Artistic Director Karin Lynge Jensen and her dancers. Whether creating intricate and athletic modern dance performances, or in its current manifestation as a Tribal Fusion troupe, Mandala Danceworks remains committed to producing and performing works of beauty, intricacy, power and passion. Mandala Danceworks draws its influences, movement and imagery from an extensive palette of historical, artistic and spiritual sources, striving to fuse mind, body and spirit for both audience and participant.

Hipnotica Buugeng

Spinning visions of color and sparkle, hints of exotic travel and nostalgia, Carouselle Tribal Belly Dance Company presents a visual experience inspired by women’s dances of the world. Former Directors of Troupe Hipnotica, Adriene Rice and Julia Demarest have teamed up again to create a unique ever-changing collaboration. Danse Carouselle is a professional performance collective, that like the name implies, is constantly rotating and evolving! Currently, performances feature Adriene Rice, Julia Demarest, Lisa Donohue and Miss J9 Fierce.The Carouselle Tribal Belly Dance Company performances include members of the intermediate tribal belly dance class.

Carouselle ITS utilize all sides of the stage and body and explores Tribal Belly Dance through slow, isolated and rhythmic vocabularies. Classes explore the mystery and celebration inherent to Tribal Belly Dance and offer students the opportunity to perform in local community events. In addition to Carouselle Tribal, Julia Demarest and Adriene Rice produce the Cues & Tattoos Tribal Belly Dance Festival and own Hipnotic Apparel.

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Dangerous Beauties: “That 60s/70s Show” – Performance Highlight – Friday Night

Dangerous Beauties will be bringing “That 60s/70s Show” to the Tribal Fest AfterParty on Friday night for a Kick Ass 30 minute set featuring SURREYYA HADA, NYLA CRYSTAL, SABRINA and TERRY + possible Surprise Appearances.


Dangerous Beauties Belly Dance

Femme Fatale: a seductive woman who lures men into dangerous or compromising situations

Embodying the characters of real world femme fatales, this living history belly dance performance tells the unique story of the world’s most powerful women, often too enchanting to be understood and too wild to be bound by love, social hierarchies and rules.

An all-star cast of award-winning international belly dance performers resurrect the nuances of the art of seduction and honor the power of femininity while capturing the essence of historical costuming and dance forms as they define each woman. Mata Hari, Cleopatra, Salome, Sirens, Elizabeth Bathory, Lillith and others leap of the pages of history books, paintings, and tin types and reach into your heart.

About The Beauties (the full crew)

Surreyya Hada

Director of the acclaimed Dangerous Beauties dance troupe and Co-director of Troupe Scimitar Surreyya is a highly sought after performer…
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Rose Harden

Rose Harden, multi-talented artist and Tribal Fusion belly dancer, has been a passionate member of the vibrant San Francisco performance…
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Princess Farhana

Internationally acclaimed dance star Princess Farhana has performed, taught, researched and written about belly dance since 1990. She has appeared…
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Sabrina is a champion bellydancer with seven international titles to her credit. She is one of the only bellydancers in…
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Dr. Nyla Crystal

Nyla Crystal is a belly dancing Ph.D. biochemist. She published her dissertation work on estrogen receptor positive breast cancer. Having…
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Jodi Waseca

Jodi is an award winning and highly sought after performer and instructor in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has…
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Dusty Paik

Dusty Paik is a costumer and lifelong dancer hailing from the wilds of Los Angeles. She’s been a painter, a…
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Terry has entertained foreign dignitaries, prestigious business leaders, and TV and sports celebrities. Memorable performances include dancing for industry greats…
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Jennifer Faust

True dancers are born, not made, and Jennifer Faust is no exception to the rule. At the age of four,…
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Talia Soleil began her dance and choreographic career in her home garage in Sunnyvale (Sunnyvale’s garages are notorious for creativity)…
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Photographer Maharet Hughes creates enduring images that are so stunning they stick in the viewer’s mind like the fondest of…
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Elizabeth Strong

Elizabeth Strong is a life-long dancer, raised in the folk communities of California, where she was exposed to music and…
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Friday and Saturday nigh lineups


10PM -11PM in the Beer Garden:
Acoustic Live Lounge improv FIRE SHOW and performances with music by BEATBOX GUITAR, performance by MANDALA DANCE WORKS, BRAMANI & JENNIFER KNOTT + Buugeng by DANSE CAROUSELLE and a special piece with BELLADONNA + TERI KNOX

10PM-2AM in the Abbey (dancefloor, bar, stage)

dance floor:
LADY RA (Beats without Borders, Vancouver, BC)

DANGEROUS BEAUTIES (30 minute set)

+ SURPRISE Guests Late Night


10PM-11PM in the Beer Garden:
Acoustic Live Lounge improv FIRE SHOW and Performances with music by HELM, performances by SABRINA FOX, LUNA MOON FIRE & ISIS DANCE COLLECTIVE

10PM-2AM in the Abbey

dance floor:

*** THE MEGAHEN *** (MegaStar Lineup – even crazier than last year)
T-REX TRIBAL  – Surprise lineup, choreography by Pete List
*** SURPRISE Closing Act ***

Tarot Readings by LADY AQUAMARINE

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