Reckless Photography

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We met Rufio a few years back, and since then- it’s always been a pleasure to see him working events and shooting great photography. This year, he’s back at the Afterparty with a photo booth! He got some fun shots last year, so don’t miss your chance to make a memory of your Tribal Fest weekend!

Reckless Photography is blatant disregard for all that is content with normality, and creative expression that attempts to juxtapose the everyday with both passion and grit. Otherwise known as Rufio van Hoover, Reckless Photography has notably worked with Kami Liddle’s Gold Star Dance Company and Zoe Jakes’ House of Tarot in 2014, and regularly with Luciterra as their official photographer. Commonly found at side stage shooting performances, and tempting you into the photobooth at afterparties, Reckless Photography is excited once again to see you at Tribal Fest. Please take the time to introduce yourself when you get the chance!



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