Tribal Fest®

The Official Tribal Fest® AfterParty is produced by DJ Amar / Electric Vardo (created in collaboration with DJ Dragonfly / Gathering for Good, having used the titles Cosmik Casbah and Tribal Brew), with No affiliation to Tribal Fest itself. With the gracious permission of Kajira and Chuck, DJ Amar hosts the Official AfterParties for Tribal Fest at the Hopmonk Tavern in Downtown Sebastopol, CA.

Tribal Fest® is produced by BlackSheep BellyDance, Kajira Djoumahna, Maverick Mahtob and a little help from Chuck Lehnhard. It is always the 3rd full week in each May. Tribal Fest 15: A Tribal family Reunion will be May 12-17, 2015… The web site is


Tribal Fest® is a trademarked name, and any groups or events labeled Tribal Fest other than those designated by Chuck/Kajira are not associated with the annual Tribal Fest® in Sebastopol, CA each May.

Visit the Tribal Fest Facebook Group for Tribal Fest discussions and news.

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